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    In the manufacture and processing of rubber compound mixtures, the improved efficiency produces significant advantages in quality and economics. With this objective in mind, Reachtire offers a multitude of sophisticated and selectively active additives. These special products are used to influence plasticity, homogeneity and flow properties of all rubber types from the mixing stage, whether internal or mill mixers, to shaping, whether calendaring, molding or extruding, to assembly and vulcanization. Our tailor-made products are processing agents that can be utilized in all modern processes, and they have a decisive influence with respect to the consistent quality of mixtures and end products.

    By enhancing homogeneity and lowering the viscosity of mixtures, by lowering energy cost and machine wear, reducing the time for mixing and shaping and by reducing the number of rejects, the application of these processing agents contributes significantly to cost reduction.

    These versatile additives are typically isolated from reproducible resources. They contain fatty alcohols, fatty acids, esters and metallic soaps. Their diversity of application matches the variety of their tailor-made properties.

    The products are normally offered as free-flowing pellets that allow simplified manufacturing processes, easy handing, safe transport and storage.

Silica dispersant for rubber compound FNS-22W
Carbon black dispersant for compound FNS-22B
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