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  Ageing resistance, electric insulation performance and resistance to ozone can highlight, is a kind of amorphous ethylene - propylene - diene terpolymer, applied to the molding process, it combines low viscosity, low crystallinity, make it in the case of without plasticizer also has good workability, low temperature performance, product performance.Composition of ethylene 50 wt %, 45% propylene content.

key Property

  Semicrystalline diolefin content of medium ,molecular weight low, good low temperature ,performance conforms to the American FDA food certification.

Performance advantages

  Excellent uniformity and stability, and the consistency between batch and batch, high repeatability and predictable product low catalyst residue, reduce waste, excellent polymer cleanliness, good appearance and aesthetics, in order to reduce processing time and cost, at the same time improve production half a crystallization of the particles of the situation.


  Automotive sealing strip, hoses and belts, construction profiles, white or black, EPDM rubber roof, sole class, general rubber products, especially suitable for injection and die-casting Angle of brake parts, mold, universal gasket and molded products.

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