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  Moulded release agent SMK-60A is a water based ready to use release agent, forming a coherent release film on the mould. Though this film is micro thin, it is after cure very resistant and temperature stable up to 300¡ãC. It is still available for several times after demoulding. Moulded release agent SMK-60A develops a strong chemical bonding to most mould materials and thus provides multiple releases per application. Moulded release agent SMK-60A does not transfer to the moulded parts, allowing further processing like varnishing or gluing without subsequent treatment. Build up on the moulds caused by depositions of pigments, anti aging agents, resin residues etc. is reduced considerably. A build up caused by Moulded release agent SMK-60A is unlikely if it is used as directed.

Application fields

  Moulded release agent SMK-60A is suited as a release agent for natural and synthetic rubber vulcanizates.It may be used in all molding and casting products.


  Moulded release agent SMK-60A may be diluted with water (soft water, condensate, distilled water) in any ratio. The degree of dilution depends on the particular conditions (type of molds, curing temperature, curing time as well as the tack of the compound). The product can satisfy most demand when it is diluted 1:5 up to 1:15 with water.It is advisable to apply Moulded release agent SMK-60A on the surface of the mold by means of a spray gun. The molds to be treated should be warm to hot in order to ensure a quick evaporation of the water and accelerate the thin film formation. Moulded release agent SMK-60A is semi-permanent moulded release agent. The numbers of moulded releasing depend on actual application, and should be confirmed by fielding test. 

Technical Data

  Composition: aqueous emulsion of synthetic resins, solvent-free  Appearence: white liquid
  Density [g/cm³]: app. 1.
  PH Value (20¡ãC): app. 9
  Active substance content£ºapp. 7%
  Solubility:soluble in water in any ratio


  20KG plastic drum 200KG iron container with PE inn

Safety and Transport

  Moulded release agent SMK-60A is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation, so we should transport it in term of undangerous good. It has not any hurt if you use it in right way.


  Moulded release agent SMK-60A should be stored in tightly sealed containers and has to be protected from frost, heat and direct sunlight. If these rules are obeyed, the product can be stored for at least one year. The production date is stated on the lot number on the labels of each container.

Further information

  Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind. The user is responsible for testing product suitability prior to use in production.

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