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  Aromatic hydrocarbon can increase the adhesive properties of the rubber, and can keep the vulcanizates higher strength, but for the vulcanizates of the heating has a certain influence, therefore, the ideal aromatic oil should have suitable chemical composition. Viscosity, flash point, aniline point is characterization of aromatic oil composition and physical properties of the main quality indicators. Physical properties of different aromatic oil has different effects on performance of vulcanized rubber. Whether the oil viscosity is measured between the polymer and adapt to a general standard, at the same time reflecting liquidity of oil products. Viscosity influence of plastic rubber and affect the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber, using low viscosity aromatic oil, can make the vulcanizates with low hardness and low temperature flexibility, but big volatilization loss; Using high viscosity of aromatic oil can improve the tensile strength, tensile elongation of vulcanizates, reduce the stretching stress, but the cold tolerance and flexibility. Aniline point height can be broadly reflect the polarity of the product size and the composition of oil, aniline point is high, the aromatics content is small, and rubber compatibility is bad

Technical Specifications

  Aromatic oil is also called the dark viscous liquid aromatic hydrocarbon oil, relative density 0.9529 ~ 1.0188. Freezing point < 5 ℃. The refractive index of 1.5700 ~ 1.5800. Viscosity (60 ℃) 12-15 ° E. Flash point (cup) 170 ~ 200 ℃. Aniline point about 36 ℃. Aromatic hydrocarbon content is 70% ~ 87%, saturated hydrocarbon content is 20% ~ 35%, content of < 25%, polarity asphalt olefin content < 0.5%. use

Application Fields

  Aromatic oil has good rubber compatibility, the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low volatile, can significantly improve the processing performance of rubber, rubber products can enhance resistance to weathering, oxidation, friction, aging degree, at the same time can help the mixing and dispersion of filler in the rubber, widely used in reclaimed rubber and various rubber products and other industries

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