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Product description

  SILFOAM® SRE, which contains 20% active ingredient and 33% solids, is a versatile antifoam that is comparatively rich in emulsifier but is netheless easily metered because it has a relatively low viscosity. Since SILFOAM® SRE also possesses high resistance to alkalis and acids, it may further be used in a wide range of applications in which pH is critical.


  SILFOAM® SRE has proved ideal for tackling foam in textile auxiliaries and processes, for incorporation into cooling lubricants based on mineral oils, for separation of monomers from dispersions and conversion of dispersion into derivatives.

  SILFOAM® SRE is a usefulauxiliary for combating foam generated in surfactantcontaining formulations employed in the most diverse areas, such as the agrochemicals (plant protection agents), cleaners and petrochemicals industries.SILFOAM® SRE is also an efficient defoamer for treating waste water.


  As a kind of low viscosity of emulsion, WACKER ® SRE CN is easy to measure, in the high viscosity of the formula can be easily dispersed. In the low viscosity of the product, need to cancellation in bubble system compatibility and stability of the test first. Add in the liquid formula quantity depends on the degree of foam control expectations, but is usually between 0.1% and 2%. If you are going to add WACKER in process ® SRE CN, we recommend use cold water to 1:10 dilution proportion in advance. If you use a feed pump, should use kinds of low shear force.

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