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  Release agent LRP-15 is a liquid bath-off release agent.The product can prevent the sticking of uncured sheets and semi-finished articles and the curing together of open cured profiles. Liquid release agent LRP-15 compensates the disadvantages of strong dusting agents (e.g.talc) and also prevents water stains in steam cures.When the processing is continued, sheets which have been treated with Liquid release agent LRP-15 are more easily caught by the rolls than sheets treated with soap solutions.The product can also shorten cure time. Liquid release agent LRP-15
contains wetting agents as well as film-forming polymers so that a coherent release agent film is ensured even with cold-flow batches.
The small amounts of Liquid release agent LRP-15 incorporated in the mix cause no problems during the processing. It also has no influence on the physical properties nor on the ageing behaviour of the vulcanizates.

Application and dilution

  Liquid release agent LRP-15 should be diluted with water in the ratio 1:5 up to 1:20.It is recommended to stirr liquid release agent LRP-15 before use or to predilute the total content of the container with water to achieve a homogeneous dispersion.When diluting with water, it may be advisable to start off with the concentrate and then gradually add the required amount of water.
  Liquid release agent LRP-15 is usually used in a batch-off bath during the extrusion of unvulcanised rubber compounds. Afterwards the extruded product passes a cooling device.Before storing the rubber it is necessary that Liquid release agent LRP-15 had enough time to dry completely on the surface of the compound.

Technical Data

  Composition: aqueous solution of a blend of film-forming polymers
  fatty acid kalium and active substances
  Appearance: yellowish liquid
  Active substance content:15-20%
  Density, 20 °C: approx. 1.01 g/cm3
  pH-value of the dilution 1:10 with water(20℃):9.0-11


  20kg,complex paper bag,1 ton/pellet

Safety and Transport

  Liquid release agent LRP-15 is not classified as a dangerous good according to transport legislation. So we should transport it in term of undangerous good.It has not any hurt if you use it in right way.


  Liquid release agent LRP-15 should be stored in tightly sealed containers and has to be protected from frost, heat and direct sunlight. If these rules are obeyed, the product can be stored for at least one year. The production date is stated on the lot number on the labels of each container.

Further information

  Product technical information and data is based on the best information available and does not constitute or imply a warranty or patent infringement of any kind. The user is responsible for testing product suitability prior to use in production.


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