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Function   Rubber surfactant       

Physical properties of the product

Composition: A mixture of 80% zinc and 20% polmer and dispersant     Appearance:  White Granule 
Proportion(g/cm3):about 2085                                           Ash(%):  about 81


ZnO-80 In a high-purity ultrafine ZnO after antistatic treatment, mixed with polymer and dispersant.cementing body can protect zinc oxide, prevent atmospheric water immersion, particles will not agglomeration under storage conditions,ingredients mixed easily.for masterbatch material have scattered,so the rubber extrusion products surface is smooth,good liquidity;No dust float in the sky; Will not result in a material loss.Improve the stability and homogeneity of mixing rubber batch, products can be high modulus and tensile strength. In mixing, CR ZnO - 80 can avoid using general zinc oxide produced by thermal expansion

Use level 3-8part

Packing   25kgs cartons PE bag

Safety and Transport Intact under the room temperature is 25 storage period of 24 months


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