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Product Characters

  Tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 is applied on the bead of the tyre in advance to facilitate the installation of the rim because of its lubrication effect. It doesn’t content any types of organic silicon substances, and shows no lubrication effect after dried, which can avoid the runaway of the rim by running because of the poor combination between the rim and the tyre when normal organic silicon is used.

  Tyre ynamic balance lubricant THP-666 is transparent and uniform liquid, after dried, it becomes colorless and transparent, and it has no effect on the test results, which may happy if other lubricants are used.
  Tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 is easy to operate, after diluted with water and stirred, there is no or only small amount of air bubble.


  8Manufacture, test and follow-up use of all types of tyres.


  1. Dilute tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 with 2—5times of water and stir evenly.
  2. Applied tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 manually, sponge, clean cloth, or brush are recommend to be used to brush it evenly.
  3. Install the rim before the dry of the lubricant.


  Composition: Polymer emulsion, surfactant and chelating agent.
  Appearance: Colorless, transparent liquid.
  PH: 6.5~8.5.
  Density: ~1.02/cm3 (20℃)


  20kgs, 50kg plastic drums or according to the requirement of customers.

Safety and Transport

  Tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 is non-dangerous goods, and can be taken as non-dangerous good in transportation according to the transport regulations.By proper handling, THP-666 does not cause any harm.


  Tyre dynamic balance lubricant THP-666 should be stored in sealed container, and avoid freezing, high temperature and sunshine. Under such conditions, WTP-555 has a shelf life of 1 year. The production date is marked within the Lot No. on the label of th package    

Special declaration

  The above mentioned technical information and data are based on good faith but without any warranty and do not infringe any patents. The customer has the obligation to test products supplied by us as to their suitability for intend application and use.


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